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What to Do if You Have a Broken Key in Ignition

You just drove your way into the workplace without any issue and the moment you park and try to retrieve your key from the ignition, it breaks. This could be stressful, especially when you are rushing to catch up with a meeting at work. Once your key breaks, do not panic because you will end up causing a bigger mess. Relax and follow the steps outlined below. Before then, make sure you have a lubricant, needle-nose, and a strong, thin wire. Visit this link for Kansas City, MO facts.

Switch off the Engine

Before beginning the process of crucial removal, ensure that your car engine is off, the emergency brake is on, and the car is put on parking mode. Discover facts about What to Do When You Come Across a Car Keys.

Lubricate the Lock

Spray the lock lubricant on the ignition place to eliminate friction and make the retrieval work smooth.

Create a Small Hook with the Wire

Use the needle-nose pliers to create the hook; afterward, insert it into the lock cylinder head fast until you reach the bottom. When you are certain that the wire is at the end of the cylinder, turn it towards the ridges and try to get hold of the key's tooth. Once that is done, the slot pulls the wire up to retrieve the broken key.

Contact a Locksmith

You could choose to let the locksmith do the entire job or call him/her after retrieving the key. The purpose of doing this is to help in replacing the broken car keys if you do not have a spare.

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