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What to Do When You Come Across a Car Keys

Several car and house keys get dropped off the street every year. Their owners become stranded and tensed once they realize they do not have their keys. If you come across a car key or remote while walking down the road, consider taking the following measures to help the owner get it back. See further information here.

Submit the Key to the Police

This could be fruitful when the key had some description that could help trace the owner. The car owner who lost the keys would visit the car dealer, and with a description of the key, it could be taken to the same dealer so that when the owner comes for a replacement, he/she gets it. Learn more about When to Seek a Car Key Replacement.

Throw it into the Bin

This might be a wise move since we live in a world with nefarious individuals who could pick up the key, trace the owner, and use it to break into their car. Since the local council is charged with emptying the bins, the key will probably go far away to the bump sites disappearing completely. Though the owner will have to replace, it would be for his/her benefit.

Leave it intact

Sometimes when we are sure to have dropped something along the road, we tend to try to trace our way back to the path we followed in hopes of getting it back. In the same way, the keys' owner might come looking for them. By leaving them intact, they might have a chance of getting them.

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