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Things You Can Do in St Louis, MO

St Louis offers an array of attractions and fun to celebrate the US pioneers with its grand arched monuments. If you want ideas about things you can do in St Louis, you can do that with some ideas provided below. Click here for facts about St. Louis, MO.

Experience the Cathedral Basilica of St Louis

You will see you don’t want to miss the bell towers and green-tiled of Cathedral Basilica. As one of the major attractions of the city, the Roman Catholic church boasts of intricate mosaic artwork covering the whole ceiling, which spans about 83,000 square feet of area and a stunning Byzantine interior with Italian details. Read about Things to Do in St Louis, MO Today here.

Eat Toasted Ravioli on The Hill

Though you might have heard of meat stuffed pasta pillows or ravioli, it is near possible that you have heard of a roasted ravioli. You will get such a result when you add the traditional dish to the deep fryer. Since toasted ravioli started in St Louis, the Hill district with its bakeries, restaurants, and flag colored fire hydrants, is where you can get your roasted ravioli, served in different versions by almost all the eateries.

Explore the Moto Museum

Are you a bike enthusiast? Then, you will see a collection of motorbikes spanning a century at the Moto Museum. You will see vintage, rare, and bikes obtained from private owners in more than 20 centuries. You will be how interesting it is to see the evolution of motorcycles over the past 100 years when you visit the museum.

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