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Things to Do in St Louis, MO Today

As the largest city in Missouri, St Louis has so many top-rated tourist attractions, museums, and parks. If you want things to do in the city, you can look for some ideas here. See more here.

See the Reptiles at Turtle Playground

Visit the Turtle Playground to climb all over the reptiles and never miss a stop at this whimsical sculpture if you are a turtle lover. With a range of all sizes, you have 7 turtles that are native to Missouri at Turtle Playground. You will see a snake and seven turtle eggs with the giant snapping turtle sculpture being about 40 feet long. Click here to read about St Louis, MO and Its Exciting Places.

Spend Your Afternoon at Forest Park

Enjoy an escape from city life visiting Forest Park with its 1,300 acres, which makes it bigger than New York’s Central Park. You can enjoy a bit of everything, from the zoo to museums, cultural institutions, and recreational spots. Visit the St Louis Science Center by strolling across the connecting bridge. The place boasts of a plethora of exhibits, an IMAX theater, a planetarium, and dinosaurs. The magnificent beaux-arts palace of St Louis Art Museum is your next stop, and you can see the artwork of famous artists like Van Gogh and Picasso. Next, you can stop at the Missouri History Museum, where you can see sea lions and polar bears as well as unwind at the museum with your kids.

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