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The Stunning Leawood, Missouri

Leawood, Missouri is located in Newton County, Missouri. The population in Leawood was 6 82 at the 2021 census. It is part of the Springfield, Missouri metropolitan statistical area. This is its city center. Leawood has quite a few attractions to offer to anyone who visits the area. The town is very close to major Missouri cities such as Kansas City and St. Louis. Leawood is just an hour from the heart of downtown Kansas City, which is the center of Missouri's entertainment, shopping, and business districts. Leawood is also just about an hour from the famous "Big City" of St. Louis. Learn information about Kansas City, MO here.

Leawood is not just another Missouri town. It's much more than a typical Missouri town. Leawood has a lot going for it, Leawood, Missouri has been portrayed in the hit movie, Chicago Loop. If you like mystery, suspense, and thrillers, Leawood should be your next vacation spot! Leawood truly is a place that's worth the time to check out. The eastern part of town is focused on the main business area and downtown. And finally, the Central part of Leawood contains affordable residential neighborhoods. Leawood, Missouri is a town where everyone is welcome. Leawood, Missouri State University is located on the east side of town. The University offers online classes as well as traditional on-site classes. Leawood also offers one of the premier satellite camps at Eastern Washington University in Rolla, MO. Click here to read about Blue Summit, Missouri - Perfect Location for Your Next Travel Destination.

Leawood, Missouri is one place where you can walk down the streets, feel the heartbeat of the city, smell the roses, and see the sunrise and set....leaving you with only one thing to think about, and that is how good you're going! Leawood, Missouri is a place that is rich in history. Leawood is a place that is worth a trip out of any place. Leawood, Missouri truly is a place where life is for a living! Leawood is a town where the heart is "on the outside."

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