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Blue Summit, Missouri - Perfect Location for Your Next Travel Destination

Blue Summit, Missouri is a small town of Blue Ridge in eastern Missouri. This area is one of three known Blue Summit towns in the Blue Ridge area. The name Blue Summit is derived from the blues found in the area, but other things are used such as "The Promenade" or "The Driveway". This small town is also a popular destination for outdoor recreation lovers due to the unique geological features of the area. Learn more here.

Blue Summit is located on US 75 near the town of Blue Ridge in eastern Missouri. The road to this town is in a very gentle fashion beginning in Waynesville and then following it over a small stream. Map, directions, with an estimated travel time and customize the route to get the shortest road route. If you choose to drive, you can expect to meet the Blue Summit, Missouri Fire Department at the parking lot of your choice. They will be happy to give you a map and instructions on how to get to Blue Summit from any major city in Missouri. You will find lots of local attractions near Blue Summit, Missouri, and include Moab and Mesa City, which is approximately an hour's drive north of Blue Summit. Stuttgart and Johnson City, Tennessee are three hours to the east. Vacationers to this beautiful place in western Missouri often visit Bridalveil Terrace State Park for breathtaking views of the Great Salt Water Canyon, and the beautiful Hot Dog Kitchen on the main street. See here for information about Sugar Creek, Missouri - The "Off-Rise Community".

Blue Summit, Missouri also has its fire department and fire station. The fire department is located at the Blue Summit Town Hall. A post office, banks, shopping malls, and a large community park are located in Blue Summit. The town of Blue Summit, Missouri is also a popular destination for the television show called Wild Kulture, which is filmed in and around the Blue Summit area. There is a museum in Blue Summit that displays memorabilia from some of the wilder television shows and films that have been shot in and around the Blue Summit area of southern Missouri.

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