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Smart Key and Keyless Entry

Are you planning to buy or sell a car? It is essential to know what you are looking for and therefore need to research these features. One of the most fundamental elements of a vehicle is the keying system. Often, people never understand the difference between smart car keys and keyless entry systems and might not get what they wanted. Additionally, when it comes to car key replacement, knowing your type of key or lock and unlock system will save you time and money outsourcing for a viable locksmith. This post briefly gives you a comparison of the keyless entry and smart key. Learn information about Kansas City, MO here.


Keyless Entry

These two systems seem interchangeably the same but have some variations. For keyless entry or otherwise known as passive entry, you do not need to use the key to unlock your doors or ignite the engine. Additionally, you do not need to press any buttons on the remote. However, older keyless entry vehicles require you to insert the key into the ignition cylinder before pressing the start button. Click here to read about Ways to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys or Fobs.

Smart Keys

Smart keys are now the advancement of the keyless entry. These keys have fobs with a chip that transmit radio frequencies to the vehicle's built-in antenna and the car automatically performs actions such as locking, unlocking, and engine ignition. For more advanced smart keys, the owner can save settings so that the car will adjust to the previous steering wheel, temperature, and other settings.

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