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Know Your Car Keys

Often, people overlook the need to know the parts of their car keys. It is essential to have the basic knowledge of what your car key looks like so that when you have minor keying issues, you could fix them yourself. Additionally, this information will make you keen when a locksmith does the replacement since you know the price and quality. The following are parts of a car key; Information can be found here.

The Bow

This is the part where you place your thumb and forefingers when holding the key. Some car keys have a plastic coating on this area, while others are just metals. If your car key bow has a plastic coating, most probably it is a transponder key. The metallic once usually standard keys. Read about Smart Key and Keyless Entry here.

The Bitting

This area has ridges, teeth, and cuts that penetrate and operate the ignition and lock's internal part. Some car keys will have these serrated bitting on both sides, and for newly bought vehicles, the key has a worn pattern on the bottom of the key sides.


This is the component that prevents one manufacturer's key from fitting into an ignition of the other. In completely replacing the key, warding demands blanks to be purchased from the car dealers.

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