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Exciting Places to Visit in St Louis, MO

St Louis lies just below the junction of the Mississippi and Missouri, and is the largest city in Missouri. It boasts of some exciting places, and you can get ideas of exciting places to visit in St Louis, MO. Information can be found here.

St Louis Science Center

St Louis Science Center is located at the south of Forest Park’s Oakland Avenue. You can check out more than 700 hands-on exhibits about skyscrapers, weather, space, animals, etc. Also available are live demonstrations and complimentary science experiments. You can keep your kids entertained when you bring them to this center. See here for information about Exciting Places in St Louis, MO.

St Louis Art Museum

You need to check out the St Louis Art Museum even if you’re passing the time or enjoy art. You can see works of art from ancient Egypt, Asia, and Europe with more than 34,000 in number. You will discover a blend of textiles, photographs, sculptures, paintings, and more. You will have to part with some money if you want to have access to select rotating exhibits every day except Friday. You will appreciate the museum’s complimentary admission. The museum only permits flash-free photography in the permanent and featured exhibits, and as such, you need to be mindful of the museum’s photography policy.

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