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Exciting Places in St Louis, MO

There are several reasons to visit St Louis with its cache of vibrant parks, gardens, and museums. There are some ideas you can use if you are in St Louis, MO, and you are looking for exciting places to visit. Learn information about St. Louis, MO.

Busch Stadium

The locals love St Louis Cardinals for its Major League Baseball. You will catch the ballpark filled with swaths of red-shirted fans when you visit Busch Stadium. You may not even want to miss a visit to this iconic stadium in St Louis, even if baseball is not part of your hobbies. You will even get to see stunning views at the venue as well as the iconic Gateway Arch. There’s also the Family Pavilion where you can enjoy virtual reality experience and much more. Discover facts about Exciting Places for Kids in St Louis, MO.

Missouri Botanical Garden

Your kids will love the Missouri Botanical Garden. They can explore the limestone cave at the Schnuck Children’s Garden, board a steamboat, climb a treehouse, and hurtle down a Spelunker’s Slide. As an adult, you will also love the sight. You can admire the Chihuly glass sculptures and even feed the koi fish in the Japanese Garden. If it is in the winter, you can take in the light and holiday decorations or relish a picnic lunch during the warmer months.

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