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Exciting Places for Kids in St Louis, MO

When it comes to exciting places and fun events, St Louis has them in abundance. There are several choices available that it becomes quite tricky to select your favorites. You can get ideas for popular, exciting places for kids and families in St Louis below. Learn more here.

The Magic House

If you want to engage your kids with hands-on learning experiences, The Magic House offers these services that will encourage the development, creativity, and experimentation of problem-solving skills within a place of magic, joy, wonder, and beauty. Learn more about Things You Can Do in St Louis, MO.

Critter Lane Petting Zoo

Critter Lane Petting Zoo has hundreds of exotic animals from all over the world, and it features a walk-through, self-guided petting zoo on its 10-acre space. If you want your kids to interact with their critter friends when they get close to them, Critter Lane will offer this opportunity for them. While the place is safe for your kids and the critters, they will also get the most hands-on experience.

City Museum

The City Museum is an eclectic blend of surrealistic pavilion, funhouse, playground for children, and also architectural marvel designed with unique, found objects.

Big Joel’s Safari

Your kids will enjoy more than 60 different animal species, both small and big, at the Educational Park and Safari Petting Zoo of Big Joel. As an attraction and family-owned farm, the farm is open to the public from April through October.

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