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Electrically Powered Keypad Door Locks

What if the Power Goes Out?

Most keypad door locks are electronically powered. This means that without electricity, the locking mechanism will not operate. There are a few models of keypads that do not have battery backup systems, but nearly all models come equipped with this feature. Having a battery backup power source is a feature you should definitely look for. Without electricity, you could face a security threat. Battery powered models need maintenance, as you will need to refresh the batteries. If a storm knocks out your electricity, you will still be able to access your system. Plus, you can use a nine volt battery to jolt the system, if it should become unresponsive. Visit this link for St. Louis, MO facts.

Backlight Bonus

More keypads are coming equipped with a backlight to make them easier to use at night. Exterior doors should have a backlight keypad, but you can make your own decision about interior doors. Most homeowners prefer to use the keypad system on their outside doors. However, the sleek designs the top brands offer are pretty appealing. Information about Auto Lock Features of Keypad Door Locks can be found here.

Easy Cleaning

It is easy to clean a keypad system. Use a sanitizing wipe or cloth to clean the exterior of the system. You should do this often to prevent sickness.

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