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Auto Lock Features of Keypad Door Locks

Investing for Security and Safety

If you walk out the door and forget your keys, you could end up locked out of your home. This is not only a pain in the neck, but it can be stressful. By installing a keypad door lock, you can say goodbye to keys forever. These types of systems use pin code entry pads to promote security and safety. A keypad lock isn’t a cheap security feature. They are somewhat expensive, especially compared to traditional locks. Nonetheless, you can’t put a price on your safety. Knowing that you will not be intruded on is something you can’t pay enough for. See more here.

Auto Locking

Most keypad locks will automatically lock once the door has closed. In order to open the door again, the person will have to reenter the numerical passcode. The auto lock feature is pretty standard on most models. The perks of this feature include being able to control your privacy and constant security. Some people feel that the auto locking feature is annoying. Some models allow you to turn off this feature, but not all allow this option. Most commercial businesses prefer the auto lock feature. Read about Keypad Door Lock Backlights for Safety here.

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