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A Review of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, MO

The Negro Leagues baseball museum is an independent, privately funded museum dedicated solely to preserving the rich history of African-American baseball in the United States. Located in Kansas City, Missouri, the museum also houses the National Baseball Hall of Fame, one of only two major league ballparks named after former owners and executives of the league. The museum is open to the public for guided tours. Visitors can view exhibits devoted to the history of baseball, including vintage baseball cards and signed memorabilia. In addition to this, visitors can learn more about the players and teams, as well as the league's famous manager, Eddie Murray Heilbrunn. The museum also provides information on how to play the sport. This museum is dedicated to the fans who love it and share the rich history of this great American pastime. Learn more facts here.

The museum's history dates back to 1911, when Heilbrunn opened the first club in the league, which was called the Kansas City Monarchs. In addition to Heilbrunn, the museum also features photographs from several historic games. Among the featured attractions are Jackie Robinson's home run in 1947 and George Sisler's home run in 1948. Many of these memorabilia pieces can be seen in person during regular museum hours. Museum admission is free. Read about Why It Is Important For You To Visit The Kansas World War Museum here.

For those interested in purchasing memorabilia from a Major League or Minor League Team, the museum provides rare photos, game programs, and other important documents. Some of the rare items featured in the museum include the jersey of Lou Gehrig, which he wore while playing for the New York Yankees. Another item that has been featured in previous exhibits at the museum is the original New York Yankees uniform that Mickey Mantle wore during his early years with the team. Additionally, fans will find autographed baseballs, batting gloves, jersey numbers, and other memorabilia, all in mint condition. All of the items featured in the museum are original and signed by notable players. This unique museum is a must see for any fan who loves this historic sport.

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