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Why It Is Important For You To Visit The Kansas World War Museum

The National World War 1 Museum and Memorial is located at the former home of General George Custer in Kansas City, MO. Opening to the public as the Freedom Memorial in 1924, it has been officially designated as America's national museum dedicated to the American military during World War I. This unique exhibit is the largest single collection of artifacts pertaining to the period of history that is the beginning of World War One. The National WWI Museum and Memorial are also one of only two museums in the country to house an Air Force Flight Museum. This aircraft was one of three World War II vintage airfields that were used by fighter planes for reconnaissance missions and aerial bombing. The airplane and the museum itself were preserved and restored. The Air Force Flight Museum is also one of only two museums in the country that displays an original First World War aircraft. Look here for more about Kansas City, MO.

The other major reason why the National WWI Museum and Memorial are so important to the people who live and visit the Kansas City area is the location of its main facility. The main building was constructed near a major intersection of streets in what was then a large town called Kansas City. This street was known as Broadway. In this location was a railroad line and in that street was a railroad depot. This was the exact location where many World War I aircraft were developed and manufactured. Some of these aircraft that were produced were used to fight in the war. These aircraft are all artifacts that are on display in the Kansas City Museum. Click here to read about A Look Into the Money Museum in Kansas City, MO.

If you are a fan of history and enjoy spending time at the National World War I Museum, you may want to also spend time at the Air Force Flight Museum as well. The Air Force Flight Museum is also one of the two places in the world that are solely devoted to displaying a World War II vintage aircraft. If you have never visited the National World War 1 Museum and Memorial before, you may want to make this trip the next time you plan to visit Kansas City and take in this unique historic display.

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