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When a Keyless Entry Doesn’t Work: Why and What to Do

The feature of keyless entry into your home almost sounds like a concept out of a science fiction novel! With today’s technology more and more people are making the shift to keyless entry systems to access not only their automobiles but also their homes. A keyless entry system ensures convenience and has been proven to be have increased the ease of access for many people. These systems also ensure security and can be safer since there isn’t the possibility of losing the keys which is often the case.

Normal keys pose the risk of duplication which increases the risk of unwanted access by strangers. On top of it in most times, we ourselves lose our keys, resulting in locking ourselves out of our homes and automobiles. However like everything good, this also has its own drawbacks.

The following illustrate cases where a keyless entry does not work out.

1. In the event of you forgetting your key code

This is the most common problem with Keyless Systems. Like we are likely to lose our keys we are also quite likely to lose or worse forget out own key code. In many cases people write down their codes in a place which they might lose and this is where a keyless system becomes a problem. Access in such cases is difficult even to the owner.

2. In the event of Power Failures

Even though, gone are the days of regular power cuts, in the remote possibility of a power failure, it becomes impossible to access a keyless entry system. Here it is important to note that in cases of natural disasters as well, the system will not work if there is a power cut.

3. In case there is no internet connectivity

A keyless entry system requires that it is constantly connected to your wireless network. Now, in case where an error might arise in the logistics of the wireless network, the keyless system will be rendered ineffective. Further, many time when the internet is down, the system will not be able to function.

4. In case of a technical error in the lock

While today most of the keyless services provided are good quality, like everything there may arise a technical error in its functioning. In those cases it becomes totally non-functional. This is a main problem with keyless systems.

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