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What To Do When Your Key FOB Does Not Work

Car and wireless controls have made our lives easier, faster, and more efficient.

But sometimes, all it needs is a small malfunction or defect in our key FOB that locks us out of our cars.

Before the fear of being locked out of your car haunts you and you find locked keys in the car, let us share what to do when your key FOB does not work

Ensuring An Issue Exists

It is not enough to assume your FOB is not working.

Here is a method you can practice before searching for a car locksmith near me and getting a car key replacement.

Pull out the backup remote from its resting place. Check if it is working fine and locking and unlocking well. If the backup key works well, you don’t need to replace or repair your existing FOB. The primary issue would lie with the main remote.

If Your Car Does Not Have Physical Keys

Modern cars have a push-button ignition – a convenience that could become quite a task if FOB does not work!

Such vehicles still possess a physical key that you can use. If you think your vehicle does not have a physical key, it might be hidden.

Moreover, FOB often has what is called a switch or release button. It is in a FOB key when your vehicle does not come with a physical key at all.

Age-Old Solution

Almost all car key remotes use button cell batteries. The good thing about them is they are affordable, readily available, and easy to replace.

But every good thing has its limitations. Hence, button cell batteries that belong to category 4 run out often. When this battery issue arises, you could buy a new battery and or ask your locksmith Kansas City.

Memory Issue

Your vehicle may have forgotten your car’s FOB. In such a scenario, contact a car locksmith near me to get a solution for your FOB.

Electrical Problem

Many times, the problem lies where you least expect them.

In this case, you would have to move beyond the FOB and check your car’s vehicle locking mechanism, in addition to, your car’s electrical system.

Wear & Tear

A quick visual inspection after opening the remote could be all you need to check for any loose or broken terminals.

Having found the issue, some smoldering can bring your FOB key back to life and beeps again.

Car Receiver

When you use a FOB outside the vehicle, there’s a receiver inside the car. The receiver that responds to car key remote could be damaged. This means a visit by a professional mobile locksmith is all you need to get your key to function.


Finding a car locksmith to get a car key replacement is not easy.

However, with Cheetah Locksmith, you get access to a 24-hour auto locksmith anywhere in Kansas City and St. Lois to cater to all your key FOB issues!

Without a moment’s delay, add Cheetah Locksmith to your contacts!

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