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What to do When Car Keys are Stolen

Advancement in car technology is always met with broad smiles by car owners. The smiles are even broader when the advancement assures proof against car theft. Today cars are fitted with immobilizer systems to curb theft cases. While these advantages are made, thieves also devise ways to beat them. One of the ways used by thieves today is stealing car keys. What should car owners do if their car keys are stolen? Here are some important tips. Find further facts here.

Secure the car

If the car has not been stolen alongside the keys, make efforts to bar the thieves from coming back for it. This can be done by clocking the car with another vehicle or using spark plugs. Read about Replacing Car Keys with Chips here.

Call the police

After securing the car, call the nearest police and obtain a crime reference number in order to track any developments.

Contact an auto locksmith

Auto locksmiths have the skills and equipment to help in reprogramming car keys. They make it difficult for the stolen key to start the car. Moreover, they might provide car key replacement services or change the car locks.

Call the insurance provider

In the process of waiting for an auto locksmith to arrive, contact the insurance cover provider. Some covers include car key replacement.

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