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What to do for Lost Car Keys

Initially, losing car keys wasn’t a big deal. Most car dealers could attach spare keys in a small box. However, with technological advancements, the situation has changed. Car key replacement is now a more costly task than before. The cost might vary according to the car model and key type. The following are car key types and how they can be replaced. Learn more here.

Traditional Car Key

They are the standard keys that are made by most car dealers. When lost, calling a locksmith could be the appropriate step to make. In unfortunate conditions, car owners might be forced to replace the ignition. Learn more about The Era of Keyless Car Systems.

Car Key Fob

Car key fobs are used to lock and unlock vehicles. However, traditional keys are used along them to start the car. Losing the fob should not be a more worrying matter. Fobs can be easily found at dealerships at an affordable price.

Transponder Key

They were developed as anti-theft devices in the early 90s. Transponder keys are wireless devices used to trigger car ignition.

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