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What Should You Look For In Smart Locks

With the help of electronic door locks, you can unlock the doors at the touch of a button. Isn’t that amazing? You can simply unlock the doors with the help of an app, or by going close to the car. These locks are now common in the new car models nowadays.

So help you understand various types of smart locks better, here are a few things you should look for in smart locks.


Biometric systems are really common nowadays and quite effective. Nowadays, even most of the smartphones are unlocked by the user using their fingerprint. It can get very convenient. You can use the biometric systems in various businesses to provide access to the employees in the chambers. You can keep the information confidential with the help of the biometric system by restricting access or granting it to various employees according to their position in the organization. You can easily program the biometric system. You can easily add a fingerprint or remove it from the system. You can even sometimes allow up to more than 100 fingerprints in a single system.


Bluetooth is a miracle. With the help of Bluetooth locks, you can allow multiple locking functions. The lock will automatically sense your presence with the help of the Bluetooth feature, and as soon as you reach the door, it will automatically open up. You can otherwise tap your phone or key fob to lock and unlock the door. The best thing about Bluetooth smart lock is that it uses really low energy. And hence, the battery can be preserved for a huge amount of time.


Just put in a pin! And you are done. That's how simple it is to access the door lock. You can easily set them up. You can even set up different pins for different people. Plus, you can make changes to the system any time you want to. This makes it perfect for the landlords to access their home. Let's consider an example. Suppose that the lease is due and the tenant isn't quite able to pay. You, being the landlord, can easily change the pin and restrict the tenant access to your home. Most of the keypads are usually touch screen nowadays. However, some of them have a physical button for you to press to insert in the pin.


Most of the workplaces use this one. Here, a key fob or card is used to grant access. Most of them require you to press against the RFID reader. However, you can unlock some of them at a distance.

Wi-fi Connected

Some of the locking systems are paired up with a hub in order to ensure additional functionalities as well as allow Wi-fi connectivity. You can easily keep track of the people accessing the lock with the help of the Wi-fi feature. Plus, you can easily control the access of the door from a particular distance with the help of this system.


There are various smart locks of different types available in the market. And if you want any of them installed at your home, let the professionals handle the job for you. Once you contact us, we will at your doorsteps immediately and provide you with the best locksmith services in St Louis you could have ever hoped for.

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