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What is Rock Hill, MO?

Rock Hill, MO is a small town in St. Louis County, Missouri, United States of America. The population was just 4,635 in the 2020 census. It is also home to the Fairfax House at the National Register of Historic Places. There are many historical buildings located here, such as the First National Bank Building, which was designed by William H. Lee and his brother John and was constructed during the Reconstruction period. This building also served as the site for an annual St. Patrick's Day parade. Many people who live in Rock Hill, MO are descendants of Irish, German, or Scottish immigrants. Information can be found here.

Rock Hill, MO has a major problem with crime, however, because of the high number of young people. It has some of the highest youth crime rates in the state of Missouri. Many teens have been killed and injured in violent situations. These problems are a result of a large number of youth and drug use that happens in the community. Some of the drug use in Rock Hill, MO includes marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. Read about Peerless Park, MO is One of St. Clair's Finest Neighborhoods here.

Rock Hill, MO is known for its large population of African Americans. In recent years, many people have moved into this area of the country due to the high cost of living and the economy. This has led to a need for jobs and businesses. There is not a large amount of education in the community. Many people do not go to college. Because of this, many of the jobs in Rock Hill, MO are not available to people who live here.

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