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Use These Tips to Never Get Locked Out of Your Car Again

While there are numerous things that can go wrong while driving around in your car, locking yourself out is always the worst situation of them all. Unless you have a spare key, there is very little you can do once you shut the car door and realize that your car keys are still hanging in the ignition. If that happens, the first reaction to the problem is always to gain entry by force. This is not only dangerous but can also lead to irrevocable damage to the vehicle. Here it would be best to give a professional locksmith a call and let them take the matter in their expert hands.

If you desire to save time and money, then the following tips can be used to avoid getting locked out of your car in the first place:

Get spare keys made

The best option to prevent locking yourself out of your vehicle is to have spare keys made. Additionally, you must have easy access to them when you lock yourself out of your vehicle. You can keep them at your house in an easily accessible place, always in your purse or even in a lockbox placed in an inconspicuous area.

Develop a locking routine

Always be mindful and observant of your locking routine so that you can easily prevent yourself from forgetting your keys inside. For instance, each time you park your car, you must turn off the ignition and the first thing to do after that is to packet the keys carefully. A basic pattern is very useful in remembering all the vital things as you leave the car. This routine is especially useful for individuals who are prone to forgetting their keys very often.

Before leaving the car and closing the door, always do a quick check to make sure that you your car keys in your hand, in your purse, or in your pocket.

Use a carabiner or lanyard

Place your keys on something incredibly convenient to use such as a carabiner or lanyard, and again with the ‘habit of use’, by connecting them to yourself or something that you always carry. You can easily hang an extra set of keys in your lanyard which means that you will always have a duplicate key even if you get locked out of the car. When using a carabiner, you can easily clip your keys to something you can’t forget when leaving your car.

Go bright

Using brightly colored key chains can also benefit you in keeping a track of your car keys. Some other colorful items to use to assist you to keep a track of your keys can include brightly colored charms, lanyards, and other decorative items.

There are numerous means to avoid locking yourself out of your own car, ranging from installing efficient locking equipment in your vehicle to having spare keys made. If you have any questions about your car door locks, you can always connect with Cheetah Locksmith for more information and guidance.

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Feb 11, 2020

All the things you have shared is really useful, no locksmith will share such tips to secure door keys. Thank you !!

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