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Upgrading to Smart Locks

Keypad Locks for Doors

Installing new security features can be overwhelming, as there are so many options. More people than ever are upgrading their security features. Digital keyless systems are the hottest items on the market right now. Instead of relying on a traditional key, you can simply enter a passcode using a numerical pin entry pad. These systems are not perfect. There are some drawbacks associated with keypad door locks. Nonetheless, they do have a long list of advantages to consider. Not everyone can afford to invest in a high class security system. What is great about keyless systems is that there are tons of price options. See further information here.

Top Brands of Keyless Locks

Schlage is one of the most popular providers of keypad door locks. The price range this brand offers adds to its general appeal. Some systems can cost less than one hundred dollars. Other systems from this brand cost over two hundred dollars. The number of features each system has plays a huge factor in the final cost. Learn more about Sanitizing Keypad Door Locks.

Wide Availability

One of the widest available brands of keypad door locks is Kwikset. There are many models of smart locks that can offer better protection for your home or office.

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