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Unresponsive Keypad Door Lock

How to Solve the Problem

If your keypad door lock system doesn’t respond when you enter your passcode or pin number, you have a problem on your hands. If you are stuck out in the elements, this problem can be even more frustrating. You should always call a professional locksmith right away to lend a helping hand. In the meantime, you can manually power the lock to get inside of your home or office. You will need a nine volt battery that can be purchased at just about every store. Place the battery at the bottom of the door lock. You should see a positive and negative symbol on each side. Match the symbols with the door lock with your battery. Discover more about St. Louis, MO here.

Apply Pressure

Push the battery to the door lock pad. The battery should provide enough power to bring the keypad to life. Quickly enter your passcode before removing the battery from the locking mechanism. This quick fix solution doesn’t always work with all systems. You might want to experiment with the option before waiting until it is too late. Find somewhere safe and secure until a landlord or locksmith can help you get back inside. Discover facts about Unresponsive Keypad Door Lock.

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