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Transponder Key Replacement

In the past, losing a car key was not a frightening thing like it is today. Over the years, the car industry has witnessed several technological advancements that have tremendously changed vehicles' keying. Today the car key systems have become more automatic and harder for carjacking. However, in case a car owner loses his/her key, this will become a nightmare. Replacing these advanced, high-tech keys is no very easy and will cost a lot of money. Below is a sneak pick of what transponder keys are and how much they would cost if replaced. See more here.

Transponder Keys

These are automatic keys majorly deigns as an anti-theft solution. It came into the market in the early 1990s and has proven to be one of its kind. However, losing a transponder key can become a daunting experience for a car owner since he/she will have to get the car towed to the dealer to replace the key. You will have to prove that the vehicle is yours before purchasing and getting a new key matched to your car chip. The process might cost between $250 to $400. There are instances where you will have to wait for days for a transponder key to get shipped from the original car manufacturer. Read about Reasons to Own a Spare Car Key here.

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