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Top Attraction Spots in St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is a bountiful city with an expansive and endless list of fun and entertainment. Landmarks are as well vast, and historical sites define the town even better. Restaurants and bars are there to have fun with jazz music, making the city even buzzier. But there are iconic attractions not worth mixing with other fun activities. They are like a jewel, and their value is priceless. More facts can be seen here.

The Great Gateway Arch

This is the most popular and common attraction spot in St. Louis you will never miss seeing from anywhere in the city; that is why other people refer to St. Louis as the Gateway City. The arch measure over six hundred feet tall, and is the highest human-made monument in the U.S. At the feet of the arch is a sophistication of several other attractions from museums, restaurants, parks to historical sites. Read about St. Louis, MO Is A Brewery Hub here.

The Grand Avenue Water Tower

You will never miss noticing three of these giant towers from any point in the city. The three towers are standpipe water towers that were used to supply water in St. Louis. They measure more than one hundred feet tall. Below them are green spots where you can head to for picnics and other recreational activities.

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