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Top 101 Counties in Missouri - Raytown, Missouri

Raytown, Missouri is located approximately fifty miles south of Kansas City, Missouri. Raytown is a thriving town in Jackson County, Missouri, just north of Rolla and east of Saint Louis. Raytown was selected as one of the top twenty fastest growing communities in the country by Forbes Magazine. The average population in 2021 was nearly 29,000. More about Kansas City, MO can be seen here.

Raytown has a wide variety of attractions such as its history, its culture, its outdoors, its family attractions, its cuisine, and much more. Raytown's downtown area includes many buildings that have historical significance and Raytown's downtown area is now known as the restored downtown area of Raytown. There are still many new businesses and residential buildings going up in Raytown and the average cost of Raytown homes has declined over time as well. The tax base is increasing and people are coming to Raytown for jobs, better lifestyle choices, and so forth. Raytown has been thriving and the Raytown Economic Development Authority has been very effective in supporting the Raytown economic development plan. The major projects underway include the renovation of Hwy 484 in southwest Raytown, a new public library, a senior-care facility, a major public transportation improvement project along Hwy 362 in Raytown, the replacement of bridges on Hwy 484 and Highway 24, and a new library. Information about Raytown, Missouri - A Great Place to Live can be found here.

Raytown, Missouri has some of the fastest-growing suburbs in Missouri. Raytown has a total population of about thirteen thousand people. The top 101 counties in Missouri have a median age of less than 34, indicating that Raytown will continue to grow in population for many years to come. Missouri is a great place to live for anyone of any age.

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