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Tips for First-Time Safe Buyers

When shopping for a safe for the first time, there’s always more to it than just walking into the store and inquiring about the best recommended safe. There are numerous factors that one needs to consider. Your first home safe involves a good investment, so you should take an expert’s advice before buying a safe. However, there are few factors you need to analyze carefully for ensuring the safety of your valuable things. 

While selecting the safe for the first time, explore diverse types of safes available in the market. Different safes are meant for diverse purposes, with numerous functionalities. Similarly, the size of the safe also matters depending upon the things you are planning to store. Therefore, it is recommended to measure the height, width, and depth to fetch the accurate size safe. 

Locks of the safe are what are going to offer you relief without worrying about the valuable things. There are various types of lock systems available in the market such as manual dial, electronic, or digital to ensure the diverse level of security. Make sure to ask about the lock systems that are appropriate as per your safe use. Choosing an electronic lock over the manual one is a much more reliable choice. 

Some safes are lightweight and some are heavyweight. However, it is recommended to go for a heavy safe because it becomes difficult for an intruder to move or relocate it in case, they are able to lay their hands on it. The thickness of the metal contributes to the weight of the safe. Light safes have less metal used in their construction and can be a little risky.


Checking for a gap is the foremost thing a first-time safe buyer should consider. Here, we are talking about the gap between the door and the lock body. Make sure that the safe’s body is tightly connected to the door to restrict unwanted access. This prevents your valuable items inside the safe from the water and fire. 

Choosing the right place at home for placing the safe is also essential. Your safe should never be placed at a wet or moist area. Consider buying a humidity-resistant or water-resistant safe, depending upon where you are in planning to place the safe. To protect it from humidity, you can get a dehumidifier to remove the moisture around it. 

Anchoring is a strong security practice to bolt your safe to the floor. It prevents a burglar from opening the safe. Most safes come with anchor holes and add extra protection to the safe.

If you are also looking to buy a safe for your valuables, you can connect with the experts at the Cheetah Locksmith’s team. Cheetah Locksmith is a renowned name in the locksmith market for its high-end security services. No matter where you get stuck at buying a safe, the company has every possible solution to save your precious belongings. For more details visit us at

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