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The Thomas Benton Home And Studio State Historic Site - The Missouri's Most Famous Artist

The Thomas Hart Benton Homestead State Historic Site is a privately owned home located on 3616 Belleview Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri that holds the home and studio of Missouri's most notable artist, Thomas Hart Benton. The site is located within the boundaries of the state's Historic Preservation Program. The site is managed by the Department of Natural Resources and is licensed for use as a historic museum. There are over four hundred artifacts on display from various collections found throughout Benton's lifetime. The museum is also open to the public for guided tours. The museum offers educational programs on art, history, culture, and the environment. Kansas City, MO information can be seen at this link.

The Thomas Benton House and the Thomas Benton Studio are two of the most important and interesting features on display within the Benton House and Studio. Each feature is an important part of the Benton family story. The first featured is the Thomas Benton homestead. This was the first home, Thomas, and Sarah owned in Kansas City. The home is located on a large plot of land surrounded by trees. The land is situated just west of downtown Kansas City. The Bentons settled on the land and built the first home on it in 1855. Click here to read about The Nelson-Atkins Museum Of Art and Its Interesting History in Kansas City, MO.

The other feature on display is the Thomas Benton studio. The studio was built in a small house on the lot of the original homestead. The house is located near the center of the studio. The studio has one floor and features a large, flat screen television. The Thomas Benton studio has a separate studio bathroom with a shower stall. The bathroom features a wall mounted faucet with an antique vanity sink. There is a separate dressing area in the room.

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