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The Popular of Union Station in Kansas City, MO

The original name for the downtown Kansas City area was Union Station and it was built by the National Car Company. Kansas was settled during the early part of the nineteenth century and many families came from Missouri and other southern states and settled in Kansas City, Missouri. The original town of Kansas was built on land that was then donated by the Car Company. The town was known for its railroad connection and was one of the largest towns in Kansas City at the time. See more here.

When World War II arrived, the city was quickly transformed into a center of commerce and began to be called the Central Business District. The main thoroughfare in Kansas City was Broadway. Many of the major buildings in this area were constructed in the 1950's. In addition to being an important part of Kansas City's history, Union Station is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kansas City. The building is used by many businesses and residents alike to conduct business transactions. The central location makes it easy to get to Kansas from any of the surrounding areas. Read about The Thomas Benton Home And Studio State Historic Site - The Missouri's Most Famous Artist here.

Today however the station is one of the largest airports in the United States and was one of the first areas to get updated with new technology and bring in new and upgraded equipment. With these upgrades came a new outlook which made this station a much better place to be than its past days. Now the station has an enormous amount of modern technology and amenities including a new terminal and a state of the art parking lot. The new terminal is set on the historic grounds of historic Union Station in Kansas City. You can now take a ride on the grand escalators right up to the passenger platform where you will find restrooms, baggage claim areas and even a waiting area. The terminal is complete with an in-ground tunnel leading directly into the Central terminal.

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