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The History of the Jacob L. Loose Park in Kansas City, MO

The Jacob L. Loose Park in Kansas City, Missouri is located right in the center of Kansas City, Missouri. It has been around since 1855 and was named after Jacob L. Loose, an early railroad owner who also owned a very large farm and became involved in the cattle ranching business. As with many of the early pioneers in Kansas City, Jacob Loose also owned a tavern that he used to house his horse-drawn buggy. Today, Loose Park is one of the main attractions of the Kansas City area, and it is also the home of the Jacob L. Loose Park in Kansas City, Missouri. Here you will be able to see a wonderful park, a baseball diamond, as well as other attractions like a playground and swimming pool. See more here.

The history of the park can be traced back to the years when Jacob L. Loose was a teenager growing up in Kansas City, Missouri. He loved to ride his horse in the field along with the rest of his friends. As the years went on, he bought the land where the park now stands. The area is full of beautiful land and features many attractions that the kids will enjoy. You can enjoy a picnic lunch in the park, go horseback riding or swim in the cool water while you have fun with your kids. The park even features several picnic tables for those that enjoy eating outdoors. See here for information about What is Ilus W. Davis Park in Kansas City, Missouri.

In addition to all of the things that you can do in the park, there are also some great things that you can do on the grounds of the Jacob L. Loose Park in Kansas City, Missouri. There is a playground that is perfect for children and their parents. The playground is built on the same type of land that was once the home of Jacob Loose. There is also an outdoor swimming pool in the park so that you and your family can enjoy an exciting afternoon in the sun. Many people come to this park just for the fun that they have in the park. When the weather is nice, they get out of their car and head over to the pool for some hot, refreshing water.

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