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The Historic John Wornall Home Museum in Kansas City, MO

The John Wornall House is a historic house museum located in Kansas City, Missouri. The museum is housed in a former residence of the late Mrs. Wornall, who was an active member of the Kansas City community for over twenty years. The museum is designed to recreate the living lifestyle of a successful, pre-Civil War family, based on the house itself and the artifacts found inside. One of the most popular exhibits in the house is the Wornall's kitchen, which features an original stove that has been restored to its former glory and will be on display in the exhibit room from March through May. Visit this link for more information.

In addition to the kitchen, the house is home to two small museums; one that exhibits antique furniture and one that showcases Wornalls' personal belongings. Each museum is housed in a separate room of the house, with a separate entrance. Visitors can find their way around the house in either direction using the doors provided by the house and also by using the restrooms on site. An elevator is available for visitors to get to the top floor of the house, which is accessible through a short elevator that runs to the main building. There are numerous guided tours offered to the general public, where they can see how a typical family lived during the mid to late nineteenth century, including a visit to Wornalls' home office. Children, teenagers, and even adults can enjoy the exhibits in this museum as well. Learn more about The Majestic Cathedral Of The Immaculate Conception In Kansas City, Missouri.

When visiting the museum, you should not hesitate to ask any questions you might have about the history and architecture of the house or the Wornalls themselves. Many of the items on display are valuable, and they are available for viewing in person, as well as being featured on screen. Other artifacts include historical photographs of the period, family photographs, musical instruments, and a large collection of clothing. There is also a short film that is available for viewing, which offers a brief description of the various items and how they might be used today. The Missouri History Museum, which is part of the state historical museum system, provides a variety of other opportunities for students to learn about the rich history of Missouri, including the Wornalls and the various museums throughout the state.

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