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St. Louis, MO Is Where People Meet Nature

Interacting with nature calls for more than enjoying the green environmental confines but taking care of them in equal measure. St. Louis is a proud home to several green confines and parks, and while most of them are human-made, unique ones are natural setups that have been conserved for wildlife and tropical plants. Learn more facts here.

Stroll Through Missouri Botanical Garden

Visitors here explore over seventy acres of lush gardens, landscapes, and fantastic architecture. Greenhouses and conservatories house some exotic plant species, from horticultural plants to rain forest covers. Tropical birds are here to explore as well with exotic plants like bananas, coffee trees, and orchids. Beautiful fountains and statuary are here for visitors to interact with. You can take photographs of beautiful butterflies and learn more about metamorphosis and life cycle. See also about Dive in Aquatic Fun in St. Louis, MO.

Green Experience at Forest Park

Here is where you will head to if you want to interact with a perfect green cover from trees to grass to everything else. It is one of the largest urban parks in the United States and be sure to interact with beautiful natural stuff like fauna and flora. There is a magnificent botanical garden filled with beautiful floral displays. Hiking and biking trails are scenic, and you will have a perfect taste of a green atmosphere wherever you step afoot.

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