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St. Louis, MO Is Full of Exciting Festivals

St. Louis hosts some exciting and interactive festivals during special events across the year suitable for family fun. All manner of celebrations rocks the city in sports, culture, music, and food. However, there are only a few internationally recognized festivals that see people from all over the world flocking the city to get a taste of. Here are the festivals. Find more information here.

International Film Festival at Cinema St. Louis

This famous film festival is a big deal in town as it offers locals a chance to watch different types of films. The festival features unique films that have not been officially released for the public. Visitors from all over the globe also come to have a taste of rare movies that cannot be downloaded from the internet or bought anywhere. Click here to read about You’ll Never Tour Alone in St. Louis, MO.

Shakespeare Festival

If you have ever heard about this festival but wonder when it takes place, come to town in August so you can catch it at Foster Park. There are performances in replica to the famous author's works you will never wish to miss. The festival extends to September with additional events featuring the actors. The real action takes place at night, and all are invited to come with their blankets and snacks.

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