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South Kansas City, MO Amazing Attractions For Visitors

South Kansas City, also known as South Side, is an area of southern Kansas city with a central residential area of Edmond and its suburbs such as Overland Park, Rock Hills, and Arrowhead. The residents of the South Side tend to be outgoing and friendly with a lot of local attractions including outdoor activities, parks, shopping, and restaurants. There are also some great schools in this area, including Canyon High School, Brackenridge High School, and Edmond Junior High School. South Kansas City's downtown area is known for its food, music, and outdoorsy ambiance. The Attractions category on D Magazine's South Kansas City list includes many locally owned and operated attractions. Find more information here.

South Kansas City, Missouri has many attractions that draw people from all over the world to visit. A few notable ones are the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or the Soul Makers Museum, which features the memorabilia of many notable musicians. The area is also known for its barbecue and music. It has many bars and nightclubs. South Side is also home to the annual Jazz Festival, and the South Side Association has clubs and organizations ranging from chess to horseback riding. There are several sporting venues as well, including the NFL Kansas City Chiefs, the NBA Kansas City Bullets, the Missouri State University Tigers, the University of Missouri basketball team, the Kentucky Derby, as well as baseball teams. See here for information about Raytown, MO - Home of World Class Sceneries For Your Family.

South Kansas City, Missouri has a wide variety of things to do for people of all ages. Its outdoor attractions and festivals draw a diverse crowd, and there are also many attractions within the area that visitors can drive up to and tour. Many of these attractions are free, while others require a pass to enter, but both are well worth the trip. South Kansas City has plenty to offer visitors, no matter what their interests.

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