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Real Estate Investors Should Check Out Valley Park, MO

Valley Park, MO is a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. It is the second-largest city within the St. Louis Metropolitan area. The population was six,914 in the 2020 census. The majority of residents are of African-American descent. Many of the residents are of European descent. There is a high percentage of Spanish-speaking people as well. St. Louis, MO information can be seen at this link.

The neighborhood is made up of two parts; Old Town and St. Francis. The Old Town is the oldest part of the community and is located on the southwest corner of the community. It is the site of many historic landmarks. The St. Francis Park sits on the south side of the neighborhood. The neighborhood is surrounded by residential homes. There are apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and single-family homes for sale. In addition, there are condominium complexes, senior communities, health care facilities, and business centers located throughout the community. Click here to read about Twin Oaks, MO - A Great Place For Your Vacation.

There is an economic outlook that shows the value of this home to be around four million dollars. The neighborhood has been growing for the last 20 years. This growth has resulted in an increase in crime rates throughout the community. The area has seen more residential growth over the last ten years than any other. The average income of residents is around seventy-five thousand dollars. There are many businesses that have been established within the area and the population is becoming more affluent. The cost of living in the Valley Park, MO area is quite high with a number of homes costing around four million dollars.

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