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Raytown, MO - An Emerging Tourist Attraction

Raytown, MO is located in northwestern Missouri, within the St Louis River National Recreation Area. The area is bordered on two sides by the Ozark Mountains and on the other by the Mississippi River. The cities of Raytown and Independence are northwest of St Louis and southwest of Kansas City. The two cities have a long history and are known for many attractions that attract visitors from around the world. More facts can be seen here.

Raytown, Missouri has been known for its festivals and celebrations since the 1700s. The first celebrations were held because the French had made a trading post here, and they were known for celebrating with a great feast. In addition to festivals, many museums are full of exhibits on Missouri's history. There are also many outdoor activities like boat tours, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, and fishing. Raytown was the site of the first major fur trade in the United States and has many Civil War sites. There are two major attractions that Raytown has to offer visitors. The first attraction is the Rayburn House where Abraham Lincoln once lived. The second attraction is the Kansas City Southern Illinois Historical Society Museum which tells the history of Kansas and Missouri through exhibits and history books. Raytown, Missouri has lots of lakes, rivers, and the Missouri river where boating, fishing, swimming, and other water activities are possible. Learn more about The Natural Charm of Raytown, Missouri.

There are many more attractions in Raytown, Missouri. There is an amusement park called Main Street midway between the Ozark Mountains and downtown Raytown. The park features an amusement area, live stage shows, laser light shows, video games, and coin-operated attractions. There are also haunted houses, stages for plays and musical acts, a stagecoach tour, and a gift shop.

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