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Peerless Park, MO is One of St. Clair's Finest Neighborhoods

Peerless Park, MO is located in the Junction of I-44 and Route 141 in the City of St. Louis, Missouri. It was first incorporated in 1935 when it became one of many towns that had joined the city of St. Clair. After World War II, many of the homes were destroyed by Hurricane Hazel, so the city was rebuilt. As a result, there was a real need to develop a community and as a result, Peerless Park was created. Peerless Park was incorporated into the City of St. Clair and began to grow. Today it is a very beautiful community with many fine homes. It was once a disjointed area that had no transportation facilities or businesses and was known for the lack of employment opportunities. Learn information about St. Louis, MO here.

When I moved to Peerless Park, MO, my wife and I fell in love with this community and decided to settle here. Peerless Park was a beautiful community and there were many things that attracted us to the area. Peerless Park had a wonderful golf course that we loved to play and had beautiful country club facilities. There was also a nice little lake that our children and I enjoyed every time that we visited. There was also an excellent elementary school, which I believe was ranked as one of the best in the entire state of Missouri. Click here to read about Olivette, MO - Top Neighborhood For Home Buyers.

As a matter of fact, many people have told me that they did not have the opportunity to live in Peerless Park, MO as they were not interested in the high-priced homes that were available in the area. However, I would have to say that Peerless Park was not really worth the investment when you consider the quality of life and amenities that are offered in this community. The homes that are available in Peerless Park, MO are usually listed at under seven hundred thousand dollars, and they are always updated and have all of the bells and whistles that will make living in a house in this neighborhood that much more enjoyable. We are very happy with our home and the neighbors that live in Peerless Park, MO, and an area is a great place for families to raise a family. If you are looking to relocate to this area, then this is the place for you to be!! If you are not so fortunate to own your own a Peerless Park, MO home, there are still a lot of homes that you can look into and you will most likely get a better deal on these homes that are less expensive to purchase.

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