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North Brentwood, MO Homeowners' Guide

Brentwood, MO is located in central St. Louis County, Missouri. It is a very affluent suburb and home to many families with high incomes. The total population of Brentwood was 9,055 in the 2020 census, making it one of the most populous neighborhoods in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Many of the homes are of very high quality, and this adds to the appeal of the community. Brentwood is a very safe community with a low crime rate, making it an excellent community for people of all backgrounds. More about St. Louis, MO can be seen here.

The main thoroughfare of Brentwood is called the Brentwood Boulevard. This road is lined with luxury homes. The roads are filled with restaurants, boutiques, and restaurants. The road is also a very busy road, as many people from surrounding areas travel here to shop and dine. The residents are a mixture of professionals and lower-income individuals. Click here to read about Chesterfield, MO - What is It and Where is it Located?

Some of the most popular neighborhoods in Brentwood are Willow Glen and North Brentwood. Willow Glen is one of the most affluent neighborhoods, with homes ranging in price from hundreds of thousands of dollars to less than half a million. Willow Glen also has one of the top-ranked schools in St. Charles County. Many families in Willow Glen own their own homes and enjoy the large amount of open space that their neighborhood has. This is another great reason for the residents to enjoy life in this area. North Brentwood is another well-liked neighborhood, and the homes are somewhat lower in price. In addition to having a high level of quality homes, North Brentwood also has a very prestigious school.

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