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Murphy, MO Population: 8,811

Murphy, MO is located in southwest Missouri. It's the home of the U.S. census' Midwestern District Office. Murphy is an officially designated community in southwestern Jefferson County, Missouri, which is part of the county's west metro area. The population was roughly 8,811 in the 2020 census, up from 7,769 in 2020. Murphy has an overall population of about 10,000 people, according to the 2020 census. See further information here.

Murphy has a strong identity with its small downtown business district. There are several areas to stay in Murphy, depending on your needs. If you need to stay for a night or two and get away from it all, you can choose from the many motels that are on the street. The downtown area is very busy at times and this is one of those neighborhoods that have many people visiting from other parts of the area. The apartments are mostly a mix of studio, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments. They come with a choice of living on a farm or at a public park. Learn more about What You Should Know About Maryland Heights, MO.

The second option is for those who want to stay in a high rise and live there full time. These apartments are called loft-style. These apartments are designed for students and professional people who are looking to live in a loft apartment. They are more expensive than other apartments but have a lot of different amenities. Murphy has a central location, so if you are looking for the main street to go down to, you can get there easily. There are also parks and farms around the Murphy area, which makes it easy to find things in the area.

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