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Moving into a New Home? 5 Steps to a Secure New Space

If you are one of those people who purchased a new home, it is evident that you are pumped about moving in and starting your new life in the new place. The purpose of getting to know people around your neighborhood may be primarily for social purposes but also helps you to know if you are safe and secure while at home. One of the drawbacks of a new neighborhood could be the lack of sense of security of your belongings and property while you are away. This is where it is important to invest in quality locks and practice rekeying to maintain a sense of safety. 

Crime rates are considerably high even in neighborhoods that seem quiet in the first instance. Instead of worrying about your safety, it is better to take steps to make your home feel protected at all times. Here's a five-step rundown that you can practice after you move into your new space:

Previous tenants might possess or might have distributed their lock to other people. When it comes to a house that was previously owned by someone, it is always a good idea to change or rekey your old locks. Contrary to what you might believe most of the break-ins occur through the front door, make sure you replace all your locks that shall include the backdoor, garage doors, front doors, and patio doors. While you’re at it, you can also deliberate upon upgrading your traditional lock system to a more modern and competent alternative. 

Focus your attention on the front of your home considering that there is an increased number of break-ins through the front door. The gate locks, such as your front, the backyard and driveway locks must be secured through installation by a professional locksmith.

Door closers are those hinges and devices that hook the doors to doorways. Over constant usage, these closures tend to get worn out and become weak, the reason for squeaking and hardened doors. But lucky for you replacing this door closes is a simple task that can be performed by a locksmith to ensure your new transition is smooth. 

There are plenty of security alternatives in the form of private security systems that you can choose to install in your home. The heavily guarded system shall be a protective layer over your house against intruders. Select the one that best suits your needs and budget through modern options such as security cameras, voice detection and real-time alerts. 

Once you replace all your home locks, a professional locksmith will be able to create new ones for your re-keyed locks. They also provide an additional copy that you can keep in case of any unforeseen contingencies. 

Safety comes first and there is no way you can compromise on that. Here’s where Keychain Locksmith comes into play. We understand your security concerns and offer car key replacement, emergency business lockout, safety locks for residential areas and an efficient 24 hours customer service. Think no more and visit our website today!

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