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Mission, MO - An Ideal Winter Escapade

Mission, MO is the state's largest city and is known for its population, which is almost twice that of St. Louis, its suburbs, and the surrounding area. The city is filled with Missouri attractions, which make a great vacation choice for just about anybody. Whether you want to visit St. Louis, Missouri, or travel to another destination in southern Missouri, Mission offers plenty to see and do in addition to the traditional attractions. The attractions draw many families to this destination and most of the attractions are located near the heart of downtown, making Mission, Missouri an ideal place to vacation. Find further facts here.

There are many local attractions located near Mission, which include the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Science and Technology Museum, the Missouri Botanical Garden, and a popular night-life scene known as "The Block." This part of town is home to several bars and clubs and has restaurants specializing in Mexican, Asian, and Western cuisine. In the central part of town is the landmark The Driskill Hotel, which features a restaurant with an award-winning menu. There are also hotels and inns located throughout the downtown area, including the Mission Inn & Suites, the Mission Inn and Comfort Inn, and Best Western Seven seas. Read about The Vibrant Culture and Community of Mission, MO here.

If you are considering making this type of trip, there are many ways to plan your trip, from using the internet to calling a travel agent. Although the internet can be a valuable resource, it is not as accurate or up-to-date as using a travel agent. A travel agent will have extensive knowledge of all the various attractions, which will allow you to choose the right one for your vacation based on your tastes and budget. Mission, Missouri is a great destination for families and can be a fun and relaxing experience for both adults and children.

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