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List of Museums in St. Louis, MO

There is endless museum fun in St. Louis everyone will be interested in having a taste of. Fantastic museums are a available if you are interested in arts, music, or classical artifacts like cars. Why can't we name a few of these museums you should never miss when you visit the town? See more here.

Museum of Transportation

Those who are interested in old planes, trains and cars must come here to satisfy their curious eyes and minds. It is home to some of the most extensive collection of classical trains in the world, with over fifty of these train locomotives spread within the museum compound. See here for information about History Buff Sites in St. Louis, MO.

Cardinals Home of Fame and Museum

This museum is filled with more than ten thousand items of art collections, including photos, trophies, videos, and autographs. Baseball fans will have a lot to learn about past championships and more about players who took part in the games.

Civil War Museum

Just as the name suggests, the Civil War museum is one of those places you will learn about everything to do with civil wars in St. Louis. It is located in Jefferson Barracks and offers exclusive educative sessions to those interested in everything to do with classical wars.

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