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Leawood - A Popular and Enticing Community in Missouri

Leawood, MO is a town in Newton County, Missouri, the United States commonly known as Kansas City, Missouri. The population in this town was 6802 at the 2020 census. It is part of the St Louis, Missouri Metropolitan statistical area. The most popular attractions and places to go in Leawood are the Leawood Golf, and Country Club, Heart of Africa National Airport, Leawood Dam, downtown Leawood, landmarks like the Leawood Old Town Square, and the Leawood Dam Maintenance Center. Leawood has lots of golf courses as well as country clubs. Kansas City, MO information can be seen at this link.

Leawood, Missouri, situated about two hours north of St. Louis, is one of the largest communities in southern Missouri. It is located on the eastern slope of Belleview Lake in eastern Newton County, Missouri. The town of Leawood, Missouri is known for its wooded landscape and numerous lakefront properties. There are two main attractions in this community: The Great Lake School and the Spirit of Cedar City. Leawood has several notable attractions, which draw many families each year. The Great Lake School educates children from birth to fourth grade about life and water. During the summer, the students can enjoy sailing, swimming, water skiing, boating, nature studies, biking, and hiking. Other sports offered at this facility include tennis, golf, soccer, and track and field. Located on nearly three miles of lakefront, the school offers homes and other facilities as well. Discover facts about Leawood, MO - One Great Awesome Place to Tour.

A second major attraction in the community is the Spirit of Cedar City. This amusement park has been running since 1966 and features more than two hundred rides and games. The attraction gained its name because of the impressive artificial Logs surrounding the park. There are many other local attractions.

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