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Know-How to Install a Burglar Proof Strike Plate to Secure Your Place

Home safety should always be a primary concern for every individual. To secure your place you should always adopt advanced security systems. For this purpose, if you are planning to use burglar-proof strike plates then it is a great idea and we fully support it.

Burglar Proof strike plates are undoubtedly the most important elements of any lock. These Strike plates are specially designed to be burglar-proof that gives protection and helps to secure your place. Furthermore, they can resist high impact forces and persist undamaged.

Well, now you might be thinking how to install a Burglar Proof strike plate, right? Don't worry.

In this post, we have outlined Burglar strike plate installation steps to secure your family and belongings.

Installation Steps.

Step 1: Assemble all the equipment’s

Make sure that you have all the equipment’s that are required to install Burglarproof strike plates. Below mentioned are some of the tools you should have

  • Screwdriver, Drill gun and Drill bit

  • Screw, Dremel

  • Measurement tapes or scale

  • Marker, Pencil or chalk

  • Damage cover-up strike plates.

Step 2: Detach the existing Strike plates.

If there are any damages to the door frame due to force entry, then you can use Damage cover-up strike plates to offer high-level security to your place.

Step 3: Take necessary measurements and mark the surfaces

This is one of the primary steps which is required to be followed. It is very imperative to measure the distance between the door and the frame so that you can place the plates properly. You also need to measure the main Strike plate relative to the position and size of the deadbolt.

Make sure that you have taken these two important measurements into consideration for an effective burglar-proof strike plate installation.

Step 4: Cut out the bolt slots.

Once you are done with the measurements, then with help of Dremel, cut out the slots for the deadbolt so that it can fit inside the frame.

Step 5: Mount the Strike plates along the frame

Mount the remaining strike plates onto the frame along its length. Now the entire system will act as reinforcements and offer high security to your place.

Step 6: Inspect the deadbolt lock

Finally, we have reached the last and crucial step which is to test the deadbolt lock system. Without testing the system, you cannot make sure that the installation goes fine and that the system is functioning properly.

Test the Deadbolt lock system by performing the following instructions:

Close the door and inspect the lock to make sure that everything is flawlessly aligned. You can also try by performing a kick-in test to test the strength and reliability of the freshly installed theft-proof strike plates.

To get more information on the security measures, you can connect with Cheetah locksmith which is one of the most trusted locksmith services in the market. We have expert professionals who are experienced and are willing to handle all types of security services.

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