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Kirkwood, MO Population Density

Kirkwood, MO is an urban inner-ring suburban community located within St. Charles County, Missouri located in south-central St. Louis. The population of this community is approximately 27,500 as of the 2020 Census. Established in 1853, it is known as Old Kirkwood because of its name. In addition to being named after the builder of the Illinois Central Railroad, it was named for the town of Kirkland, Illinois. Founded by James P. Kirkwood in 1853 as an agricultural town, this community grew into a major manufacturing center for the state of Missouri. Today it remains a vibrant industrial center, offering a wide variety of jobs in different fields. With a population of about nine hundred thousand, it is one of the largest cities in Missouri. Find more information here.

There are many industries in this industrial area, that have their headquarters in or near this urban area. These include manufacturers of medical devices, electronics, petroleum refineries, food processors, petrochemical plants, and the likes. Many of these businesses are located right within the town of Kirkwood, where they provide employment to the residents and provide them with a nice living environment. Another big company located here is the former Kmart store, which is still open today. A major part of this town is found in the vicinity of Highway 61, which is a two-mile stretch of road that connects St. Charles to Kansas City. See here for information about What to Do in Huntleigh, Missouri.

The downtown area of this community is known as the downtown business district. This area is home to a number of business centers and is considered a prime business area. Although this area is not located on the outskirts of town, it is close enough to be a part of the downtown core that residents can go to in case they need to visit this part of town during the day.

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