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It Is Always Shopping Time in St. Louis, MO

There is absolutely everything you may need when you come to St. Louis. Shopping malls with a variety of departmental stores are here for your adventurous shopping desire. So, as you are planning to come shopping in town, take a look at these malls. Learn more facts here.

St. Louis Mall

St. Louis mall is a historic shopping area that has changed to St. Louis Outlet Mall, so don't get lost looking for the wrong name. The mall features near fifty stores with different items from clothes, household items, toiletries, and hardware items. Apart from shopping, there are entertainment spots you should peep in, for example, the ice zone for the skaters and a cinema hall. Read about Get Active in St. Louis, MO here.

St. Louis Union Station

A landmark shopping mall restored from the former train terminal in town. It features some unique shops and restaurants where you can get everything you wish to have. You will find yourself buying stuff from this spot even if you didn’t plan to because goods on display here are more than attractive.

Central West End

This is one of those malls with everything under one roof. This large establishment is ever bustling with people either buying or selling all manner of stuff. Restaurants and cafes are here for the foodies.

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