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Interesting Sites to Go While You're in Grandview, Missouri

Stretching across three counties Grandview in eastern Kalamazoo, western Fulton and eastern Columbia is the largest community in southern Missouri. The community of Grandview is made up of seven municipalities that include but are not limited to the cities of Alton, Chaska, Glendale, Gratiot, Lawton, Monroe, and Warren. The communities are made up of a central city of approximately two square miles called the City of Grandview and two to four square miles of smaller towns such as Alton and Warren. Grandview, Missouri located approximately ten miles east of St. Louis and three miles north of Columbia. The county of Missouri is located in the upper portion of southern Missouri. More about Kansas City, MO can be seen here.

If you are interested in Grandview, Missouri real estate, there is an abundance of homes and commercial properties for sale. There are also plenty of attractions in this beautiful community. There are numerous parks and recreational areas for outdoor recreation and enjoyment of all kinds. The following are some of the local attractions worth checking out. Click here to read about Grandview, MO - A Community You Will Love.

The Fall of Roses National Historic Park has many attractions worth visiting. Vacation packages are available from vacation rentals in Grandview and include lodging, meals, tickets to entertainment events, transportation and park passes. To learn more about Grandview and its unique offerings please visit Grandview, Missouri real estate websites. You will find plenty of valuable information and photos on these sites.

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