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Ignition Switch Replacement: What You Need to Know

An ignition switch can be defined as an automotive ignition switch that operates the starter system for any engine and also controls the power source for the electronic devices in the vehicle. Most ignition switches operate with the turning of a key while in the case of modern cars there are push-button style ignitions.

What happens in case of a faulty ignition switch?

In case there is a faulty ignition switch, you will find it difficult, or will completely be unable to turn the key, or maybe even turn it but nothing happens. The lock cylinder and ignition switch are two of the most used elements, where the human element of yanking, rough handling, jamming, and jiggling can only make it worse. If you are experiencing any of these difficulties, don’t attempt to fix the issue yourself as you may lead to more damage to the other components, instead, connect with a professional locksmith.

Can the faulty ignition switch be repaired?

Only in specific situations, on particular models, the ignition switch can be repaired. In most situations, there is a piece that can be replaced or a wire that can be repaired, but that is not always the situation. This threshold comes down to the availability and cost of the replacement component. An expert locksmith can tell you when it makes more sense to choose an ignition switch replacement over repair.

How much time does it take to replace an ignition switch?

An ignition switch replacement takes nearly 20 minutes after all the essential parts have been recovered. The exact time though is contingent on the complexity of the car’s ignition covers. The time is devoted to removing all screws, latches, and bolts used to hold the covers together. In the end, everything that is taken off will also be placed back on. The locksmith working on it makes sure that there is no damage done to the wires that are exposed during the replacement process.

The process of ignition switch replacement

After giving information to the customer, the locksmith removes the battery connection so that there is no power passing to the engine or other electric elements. Next, he takes apart the cover panels on the dashboard. Taking them off, and reinstalling them, are usually the tasks, which consume most of the time. When the ignition is open, it can be removed and replaced. During this time, an amateur can make the mistake of damaging important connections and wires. For one’s own safety, and the safety of the vehicle, it is best to leave the replacement of the ignition switch to a professional locksmith.

When you require an ignition switch replacement, there is no better place to turn than Cheetah Locksmith. We have expert skills to diagnose whether you require your ignition switch replaced, or if there is another service that would effectively assist your ignition. Call us today so that our professionals can walk you through the steps. Every step at every point in this process can place your car in jeopardy if it is done wrong. Connect with Cheetah Locksmith for the best services in the market.

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