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How to Open a Safe When You’ve Lost Your Combination

We all must have combination safes to store significant documents, jewelry, cash, and other valuable items and protect them from dangerous burglaries, fires or natural disasters. Traditional locking safes are the best means to keep valuables safe as they are efficient and difficult to crack.

But if you have safe, and you forget the combination, don’t worry because there are some easy ways to fix that problem. It is a difficult process and that is the reason why in most situations it is best to call a trusted locksmith to prevent damaging the lock and fixing other related issues.

If we have to present it in simple terms, then it is prudent to mention that the best means to get into a safe when the combination is lost will be contingent on the kind of safe you have. You can make an effort to get into the safe by acquiring the override key, getting a locksmith to make you a key, retrieving the code to the safe from the manufacturer, breaking the safe with third-party items or drilling the safe open in a professional way.

An efficient safe is always built and developed with security features that specifically focus on keeping unknown strangers out.

Understand the safe’s model

This way you can enable your locksmith to understand the anti-theft measures of the safe. It is best to know the brand, model and serial number so that you can research it and get the solution ready for the lost combinations. This empowers the locksmith you know the accurate drill points of the safe and gets into the safe without any long-lasting damages.

Use the safe’s key to open if you’ve lost the combination

This is the second method available to fix the problem if the combination is lost. If you have the override key, it will help you reset the electronic lock yourself. These safe keys make it very simple to get into the safe without drilling into the safe and damaging it so that at least you don’t lose your money. Once opened, the locksmith can easily reset the safe combination for your benefit.

Contact the manufacturer for the combination

Safe manufacturers never provide this vital data over the phone or e-mail because of security reasons. It is best to go visit them to retrieve the information for the combination or get the override code.

Safe dial combination retrieval

If the safe has a dial and the serial number is present with you then the locksmith can easily retrieve the original combination to the safe. The locksmith can efficiently set the safe combination to whatever codes you desire.

Electronic lock combination retrieval

If the safe has an electronic lock, then the serial number can be used to check if there is a master override code for the safe. The override code will reset the electronic lock so that the default combination works well.

There are some issues that are too complex to be solved and require the assistance of a trusted locksmith. Connect with Cheetah Locksmith to get more information on how to fix a problematic combination safe lock.

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